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...No dress rehearsal, this is our life.

If you *really* wanted to screw me up, you should've gotten to me earlier.

26 July
I talk a lot. Not if you first meet me because I'll spend that time listening and stuff but give me a drink (Initially I'd say alcoholic but probably anything excessively sugar-based, also appears to work) as well, then I'll definitely talk rubbish for many, many hours.

I want to be successful in things I do. For me. I'm a writer. I love a massive plethora of music, from all genres. I think lyrics are underrated and should be considered modern day poetry, officially. I like people being direct and honest. I love football (But that is starting to change to a like as modern day footballers fall over too much and generally should grow some bollocks). I think about everything, constantly. I do like company, even when I'm quiet. I also do like my own company and will happily sit with my laptop or in a field for hours. I talk to myself, out loud.

I love life (by that I mean I've got a hidden underneath paranoia about death and time). I get over-awed by nature. I'm passionate. I can be annoyingly calm in stressful situations for some people. I can be bossy. I love my converse shoes. I do love Guinness. And indie girls. And Ireland.

I'm a Devon lad really.

I'm really trying to get involved with something music/writing/journalism/positive work.

I've recently been living and working in Belfast in Northern Ireland, then Richmond near London and now I'm back in Devon...again...and now I'm back in Richmond. I visited Canada recently, it was AMAZING. I have a wonderful lady called Jen. :)

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