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Squirrel Loss
Considering I've not made an entry for a stupidly long time, this will come as a very strange one indeed but...it needs to be written down, to exhume the loss of a random, wild squirrel.

This morning, on my walk to the Underground for the start of my commute, I noticed a squirrel far across on the other side of the road, on a pavement, dragging his legs a little. Now, I wasn't sure if he was injured but he looked scatty (it could have been that 'thing' dogs do) but this could have been because there were cars, people and general non-squirrel things. I was already running late, so I couldn't stop but it distressed me. So, off on my commute into London I went, worrying, feeling horrible about it.

When I got in tonight, I researched a little and it turns out he either fell, or was hit by a car or something as he was doing what he was doing, I still felt terrible. Not because I could have done anything but because work life took over a desire to help, and that's never nice.

I just went for the 20 minutes hike to where I saw him earlier and nothing now, so hopefully he's been laid to rest by someone who could stop. Plus, the grass where he was had been cut so...more evidence of possible outcome. I'm glad I went to look but I'm sad for the squirrel who passed today and most likely...because we live on their land as much as they live on ours.

This might be the most insane and aged entry ever but...I don't care, I'm a bit of a squirrel addict these days. Yes, in a bread-feeding way but it's Jen and I'd thing and it makes us happy. Small things.

I got home for the second time, found the squirrels outside our flat and fed 'em up. I feel better now. I haven't rambled like this for a bloody long time. I wonder if anyone else is still on LJ?

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I feel sorry for that squirrel :-(

I know!

That's a city, well, that's the animal life really. Funny how it got to me, RIP. :p

I knows! There be many, many that have taken his place. MANY! :p

(Deleted comment)
Awh, yeah. I think someone would have helped/done something eventually. Busy place but still annoyed me that I just could't stop. Baah work guilt!!

Anyway, you may have seen many more taking over. ;-D

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