I am a Golden God!

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The Catalyst and Dublin Lost and Found
I am a Golden God!

You may all remember two little books I’ve made in the past few years WELL, I’ve now completely re-edited and re-launch both into the ether.

The Fourth Plinth book is now nearly A4 with full re-productions of the work from myself and the people who wrote with me back in August 2009, it looks amazing and a million miles bigger than expected, hehe!

There’s also a whole updated edit of my Dublin book. This book follows me for a month around Dublin, exploring the sites, people watching and delving into their history. The whole book makes a lot more sense now and I’m much happier with it, so much so I can leave it.

They’ve also both got ISBN’s now and the latter will be on Amazon, hopefully, within a month or two. I feel it’s something complete now that I can leave and feel it’s finished. Anyway, they can both be bought here:


If you could also vote on them, that would be a big help but if you even feel the desire to buy a copy, please do!

That’ll be the last word on these…heh. Smile

Oh and new camera shots:

DSC00072 DSC00107 DSC00403

Happy, happy new camera!!! =) (Thanks to Jen) xx

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Dan, all three of those photos are simply stunning! Great work.

Thank you, Emma! :D Always trying harder! ;D

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