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I am a Golden God!


Not new job news I’m afraid, a quick report after an interview for the Olympics 2012 next year and more so in the hope for response of ‘ideas’. It’s a voluntary position, working just 10 days out of next year somewhere in London, probably directly people or similar and nothing too crazy but I just did the whole…ah why not! I also applied for MI5, got to some multi-question online thing but didn’t pass. Shucks. Here’s my band though:


Anyway, back to the Olympics and my interview, it made me realise again WHERE I fail in this process. I need advice:

I’m always asked that dreaded ‘Give an example of when…’ today’s was ‘worked in a team’ or ‘solved a problem’ at work and my blankness on this question is simply because I work >> I have a problem >>> I solve it.

Interviewers appear to want you to re-call everytime you’ve solved a problem or worked with people and have a SPECIFIC EXAMPLE. Now, I know this is reasonable and part of the process but I’m amazingly rubbish at explaining when or whatever. Can anyone help/give examples/go to interviews as me with an earpiece?

Thanks, LJ!

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Those questions bug me too! I guess the only thing is just to make up some bullshit answer that you can splurt out if and when they ask you that

I know! I need to work something out but it's saying crap and I'd rather say true things.

The trouble is, supposedly people don't believe you as much SO *shrugs!* heh!

Man, I hate those questions too. I always can't think of anything, and then all I can remember is "the time someone at my old job slightly annoyed me" and I have to spin a whole story out of it.

Can't you just pre-plan this stuff? If you can think of a few good stories covering some basic themes that'll probably help. Say, one for teamwork, one for a dispute with a co-worker, one for independent thinking, one for motivation.

Yeah, it's definitely possible but I don't recall the crap moments as I'm not a 'lingergerer' but that doesn't cut it in interviews.

I will, however, try to develop something...somehow :p

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Hey, thank you!

Noted in the brain and I will give you a nudge if I need help, which is probable. ;-p

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