I am a Golden God!

...No dress rehearsal, this is our life.

If you *really* wanted to screw me up, you should've gotten to me earlier.

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Friends Only, Comment If You'd Like To Be Added! Thank You :)
I am a Golden God!

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(Deleted comment)
Hello! I saw you on Emma's LJ and was wondering if I could add you?

Hey, yeah sure! I shall add you back now :)

(Deleted comment)
Hey! That'd be grand, shall add you back. Thanks for the request, Dan :)

(Deleted comment)
Hey fella,

THANK YOU :) I'm not on as much as usually as I'm just sorting myself out, but shall add ye, cheers bud :)

Dan -again- :p

i have just found my way to your journal somehow.
i enjoyed your spiel on your userinfo...

would you like to be friends??


Why Hullo! Thanks for the request and nice to be found, I just did that spiel recently, I needed something that was more 'me' and I think it is :p

Dan x

Hello, I advertised for new, interesting people to add on LJ and Jamesofdoom pointed me your way.

Hopefully I'll be just as interesting for you!

Why hello! Shall do! Have a brief look there and very cool Birmingham PS...lol! :)

Hey, thanks for the add (and the comment - I appreciate it, people have been driving me mad!) Definitely adding you back :)

I'm with you on the commenting, kind of defeats the object otherwise :D



I'm Hannah and I sort of (blatantly) want to be your friend. I like pudding, Dan. Does this mean I like puddingdan?

What do you reckon?

(I'm not just some nutter from t'internet, we do have mutual friends.)


Aah, hello there!

Thank you for the request, have added you :) You've also reminded me that I've been away for a bit...and it's time to get myself back on here.

Wooord. *pushes a badger away*

I wondered if you'd like to be friends? :D

Hullo! Why not, indeed :)

Hello. lucybutler recommended you to me. I thought I'd pop in and see if you fancied adding me. Feel free to have a nose on my profile and ask any questions you'd like to know and add me if you like.

Oh and apparently...Codeword: Squirrel ;)


Been away, well, in a thought LJ sense, must get back into it.

Squirrel IS always the codeword. Or cake OR would you like a beer, Dan?

That is good to :p

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